Phone System Training
USCG seeks to have customers that are both satisfied and successful with our products, gaining the maximum benefit from our services. We offer training for end users and administrators. Training generally takes place at implementation of a system, but we recognize that employees come and go and we are available to conduct your New Employee training upon request. Our VoIP phone systems are the primary products that we offer training for.

End User Training
The goal of End User training is to give the day to day users a working knowledge of your phone system capabilities. All of our phone systems incorporate both a Telephone User Interface (TUI) and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the end user's workstation. These GUI interfaces provide extended features and greater control of your phone communication using office system software. Emphasis is placed on how to manage calls, voice mail messages and greetings through multiple interfaces to the system. Our systems are easy to use, but the proper guidance at the beginning goes a long way to ease the transition from a traditional phone system. End user training generally takes place at the location after installation. Typically end users become comfortable with there new phone systems in three to five days.

Administrator Skills Transfer
The goal of Administrator Skills Transfer is to give your designated phone administrators (e.g. an office manager or project manager) an in-depth view of your phone system when it is installed. Administrators will learn everyday functions such as transferring calls, screening calls, changing greetings and setting up Follow-Me call forwarding. In addition, they will be introduced to administrator functions like setting up new users on the system, scheduling auto attendants and changing end user privileges.

Advanced Phone System Training Depending on your needs you determine if advanced training is necessary. Advanced training can be an informal question and answer session, or it can be a session that focuses on specific advanced features or functions that need further explanation. Additional training may be required for your organization if new features are added. Advanced phone system training includes two hours of training time at the customer’s office usually a month or more after installation. Additional training can be scheduled as needed..