U.S. Communications Group designs custom installs, and maintains digital and VOIP phone systems. We offer services to meet the unique needs of your small- to mid-size business. Our services are more than just a replacement for your conventional business phone system, Our solutions facilitate efficient communications, technical support, maintenance and upgrades, reduce costs and a improve your bottom line.

System Installation

repair, design, installation & program your equipment.

Move, Adds, Changes

experience in implementing plans to handle Moves, Adds and Changes.

System Relocation

Telecommunication equipment, Telephone systems, PBX and Voice Mail systems, Intercom systems, Call Center.

Emergency Services

Not ready for a new system? Whether the problem lies with your business phone system, wiring, cabling or it's a programming error, USCG can fix it.

Remote Programming & Training

If you have an Internet connection, but require assistance configuring U.S. Communications Group's equipment or services, such as your phone system, phones, networking and computer equipment, email and etc., We can help.

Software and Hardware upgrades

We Provide Software & Hardware upgrade services. We can assist, organize, or participate. Just give us a call.